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Thank you for inquiring about our preschool photography. We are anxious to help you provide your parents with the best in preschool photography. We are very flexible, so we can offer many options for your school such as creative portrait packages, class group photos, indoor and outdoor photos, cap and gown graduation photos, candid photos for your bulletin board and publicity. We can even offer a free clown show in order to warm up the children for a fun-filled day.

In our standard photography program we take portraits of each child and a class group photo of each class. Parents are not required to pay any money in advance unless you prefer to collect the money up front. Parents can view and purchase the finished packages at the school, so you don’t have to worry about chasing after anyone in order to collect money. If any parents are not able to come into the school, you can send home a wallet-size photo from the package for them to view, then they can send the money to you with a Nanny or whoever picks up the children.

If you want us to collect the money for you, we can send proofs with stamped envelopes addressed to us, so each family can put their order in the envelope along with a check or money order.

For schools where we photograph at least 40 children per day, the school keeps 20% of all money you collect. Even if you are a not-for-profit organization, you can still use that money to buy something for the school.

Our Mission

At Small World Photography we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best photos and services that we can. We know we have two types of preschool customers. Our first customer is the school that must keep teachers and parents happy by providing the best educational services for the children along with a smooth flowing, convenient schedule for everyone.

Second, in addition to making life as easy as we can for the school, we must also provide the parents with photos that are much better quality than they would expect from a local studio. We must provide a convenient and fun process for parents to view, purchase, and reorder photos without causing unnecessary work for the preschool director.

Most schools provide volunteer helpers to prepare children for photos e.g. wash faces, tuck in shirts, comb hair and bring children to and from their classrooms. The photographers assistant gives the children a last check and makes sure there is always a child sitting in the “ready” chair. The assistant also helps the photographer in any way possible. The photographer tries to coordinate who will do what. The photographer checks on everyone and everything to be sure all parts of the photo session are done properly for your school.